hi guys! first off, this software looks INCREDIBLE and can’t wait to get my hands on it! Just curious is there anything in the works regarding a version for Mac?

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Hey, thanks for the feedback! Yep, definitely. It’s something I hope to get started on soon. No timeframe for it’s release yet though, stay tuned.


i was just thinking the same thing, since unfortunately i have just a mac.

awesome idea & product :sunglasses:

Hey! Yea just checked out the video and this looks awesome and simple to use, I too changed to iMac so really looking forward to mac version!

(incidentally I too am a dev with xp in mac and devices, UI, was wondering about any dev work/repo going I could perhaps contrib. too)

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yay! im so freaking excited about this. thank you guys for being amazing.

I’m very curious about how that would work out, since to my knowledge there’s no Multitouch implementation in macOS!

What would be the ideal architecture? Separate Windows touch screen device connected to a Mac? I have a Mac but I am thinking this would be best running on a separate machine?

Huge bummer! I was so excited I just bought the license and it’s useless to me, since I run Mac. :frowning: Damn!

There are third-party drivers for touchscreens that enables multitouch for Macs. We just recently bought our second setup with a Dell touchscreen and a Mac Mini and the new rig running Catalina runs just as fine as our old rig running God knows what old version of MacOS. :slight_smile:

Here is the British company creating the drivers: https://touch-base.com/

Here is another potential user looking forward to a Mac version!

I‘ve used this driver before. It only supports multi-touch gestures, thus imitating the trackpad-gestures built into macOS, not true multi-touch afaik!

edit: also claiming this on their website.

I don’t think there’s any way to get true multi-touch support on macOS at the moment.