OSC/PILOT Release Notes/Change Log

1.6.3 Release
September 20, 2021
Available at:

and directly at:
Windows: https://software.mau5trap.com/OSCpilot-Installer-v1.6.3.exe
macOS: https://software.mau5trap.com/OSCpilot-v1.6.3.pkg

New Features

  • Typing any ASCII character now works, added some more characters to the on-screen keyboard.

1.6.1 Release
August 29, 2021

Available at:
Windows: https://software.mau5trap.com/OSCpilot-Installer-v1.6.1.exe
macOS: https://software.mau5trap.com/OSCpilot-v1.6.1.pkg

Bug Fixes

  • Windows Installer now works when launched from a path with non-english characters.
  • OSC/PILOT will now launch when the username is using non-english characters on Windows.
  • Label widget will no longer convert string values it receives via OSC into a float. I.e If it’s a string such as 0, it will not show it as 0.0.
  • Fixed issue where Button widgets would load up with ‘0’ as their text.
  • Fixed issue where pasting multiple widgets wouldn’t maintain their UI order between each other.

1.5.4 Release
July 18, 2021

and directly at:
Windows: https://software.mau5trap.com/OSCpilot-Installer-v1.5.4.exe
macOS: https://software.mau5trap.com/OSCpilot-v1.5.4-beta.pkg

New Features

  • OSC/PILOT will now also listen for messages on the port it’s sending messages from. This port is a random number every time OSC/PILOT starts, but some applications want to reply to the port they receive messages from, not the other ‘Listen On’ port you specify in the settings.
  • Add support for MIDI Input.
  • Add support for 5 different OSC destination/sources (A, B, C, D, E). Each widget can individually select which destinations/source it interacts with.
  • Add Re-Send Interval setting for Button widgets.
  • Add ‘Extra OSC Args’ setting, to sent constant set of extra args with every message.
  • Add ability to click in center of Dial widgets and control them via horizontal movement.
  • Added control for MIDI velocity/value ranges for Pad widget.
  • When Jump To Value is Off, sliders are moved using relative motion on the widget, rather than requiring grabbing the slider edge to start interaction.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where float values in widget settings such as 1.0 would be saved and re-loaded as 1 instead of 1.0.
  • Fixed issue where trying to append text to widget settings such as turning 1 into 1.5 would not allow typing the ‘.’ unless the field was cleared out.
  • Fix Buttons widget not flipping on/off buttons when being set via an incoming OSC, if in radio mode.
  • MIDI messages should be sent out when widget values are changed via an OSC incoming message.
  • Fixed formatting of float OSC values sent to Label widgets, so they are limited to 3 decimal places, and round nicer.

1.4.8 Release
March 28, 2021

Available at:

and directly at
Windows: https://software.mau5trap.com/OSCpilot-Installer-v1.4.8.exe
macOS: https://software.mau5trap.com/OSCpilot-v1.4.8-beta.pkg

New Features

  • The window position and monitor the project was last used on is now saved per project, per computer. That is, it’s saved locally on the computer based on the .plt filename. The settings won’t move to another computer with the .plt, you’ll need to open/close the project on the new machine to have it save settings. Restoring previous window size/position should work much better now. Loading in fullscreen or not is still a globally saved state right now though.
  • NDI is now working on macOS.
  • Custom UI scaling is now limited to a minimum of 10% to avoid totally broken UIs.
  • Custom UI scaling is now saved by filename only, not full path. Allows for moving the file around the machine while keeping that custom scaling.
  • Greatly improved NDI memory consumption and performance. Upgraded to NDI 4.6. Share NDI connections between workspaces. Stop capturing NDI on workspaces that aren’t active.
  • OSC messages with only the OSC Address included and no values can be sent from Button press events by clearing both the Off and On value fields.
  • / character at the start of the OSC Address field can now be cleared to allow fully clearing the field.
  • The # character can only be entered in OSC Address fields that support # replacement.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed many cases of flagging the project as dirty when it isn’t.
  • When loading a new project, it will ask to save current project if it has changed.
  • Fixed DPI scaling issue when window is opened on non-primary monitor that has different DPI than the main monitor.
  • Tweaked logic used to decide which monitor to go fullscreen on when switching to fullscreen. Should be more correct now.
  • Fixed recent bug where trying to change the UI scaling in Settings wouldn’t allow changing back to 100%
  • Fixed crash that can happen on startup in macOS.
  • Fixed non-bundles not being sent correctly when Project Specific OSC mode was on.
  • Fixed crash that can occur on macOS when trying ‘Free Trial’ or trying to New/Open new files.

1.3.3 Release
Jan 10, 2021

Available directly at:

New Features

  • OSC settings can now be saved per-project if desired.
  • Buttons and Sliders widgets can now have the widget index put in a custom location in their OSC address by using the # character in the OSC Address. E.g /test/#/layer Will send /test/1/layer, /test/2/layer etc.
  • Space character is now supported on the keyboard!
  • Add support for sending to multiple MIDI Channels, Notes and Controls. MIDI fields can now have multiple values entered, space separated, and those widgets will send to all of those Channels, Notes and Controls. E.g Channel = “1 2” and Note = “5 10”, will send to (Channel 1, Note 5), (Channel 1, Note 10), (Channel 2, Note 5) and (Channel 2, Note 10)
  • Some dialogs now have more opaque backgrounds to make them more readable.

Known Issues

  • If Project Specific OSC is used, OSC messages will always be sent as bundles. This will be fixed in builds v1.3.5 and later

1.2.2 Release
Nov 15, 2020

Available directly at:

New Features

  • Add ability to ‘Pin Widgets’ (all of them) in a Workspace, to avoid accidentally moving them around.
  • Tweak how edit mode is entered/exited via dragging the upper/lower left corners to be more stable. Should result in exiting edit mode accidentally less often.

Bug Fixes

  • Drag-Corner handles should fade more correctly when moving between workspaces now.

1.2.1 Pre-Release
Oct 28, 2020

Note: Pre-Release builds are not ready for production work and are just for initial testing.
Available Directly At:

New Features

  • Pad widget has ‘Touched’ OSC output value.
  • Buttons and Pad (for Touched) widgets can now send strings and integers for their Off and On OSC messages.
  • Buttons can avoid sending OSC messages for events if Off or On value fields are left blank

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Button Matrix widget not working correctly when buttons are set to circular.

1.1.2 Release
Oct 19, 2020

WARNING : Files saved in this version will load up in older versions of OSC/PILOT with an extra / in their OSC Address parameters. Keep backups of your files incase you need to move back a version.

Available directly At:

New Features

  • Lower Resource usage by trying to impose vsync on more systems, and limiting FPS to 120FPS if required, as a fallback.
  • Improved text selection in Text Fields.
  • OSC Address fields now deal with copying/pasting OSC Address values more intelligently. You can now copy the leading /, and pasting an address with a leading / will avoid a double // at the start of the address. This should make copy/pasting addresses from other software easier.
  • MIDI selection dialog now has a scroll bar for machines with many MIDI devices.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix case where a Slider that was saved at 0.0 wouldn’t send a message on first change
  • Fixed Text Fields staying in-focus when ‘enter’ was pressed to finish editing.
  • Fixed /Workspace/Select which was broken in build v1.1.1

0.99.1 Release
Sept 20, 2020

Archived at:

New Features

  • Button Widgets now have a ‘OSC Loopback’ mode. This causes the button to ignore incoming OSC messages, and send it’s message back into the OSC/PILOT app itself. Useful in particular to send custom messages such as /Workspace/Select to cause a button to change workspaces (without the need to into edit mode).
  • /Workspace/Select OSC message now accepts -1 for ‘Move Left one Workspace’ and -2 for ‘Move Right one Workspace’
  • OSCpilot.exe can now be started with a -show option on the command line, to disable entering edit mode entirely for that instance of the application.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash that occurs if an OSC message with no values (address only) is sent to OSC/PILOT. Resolume seems to do this in some cases.
  • Fixed issue where .plt files would become un-openable if ‘infinite’ was sent to a widget.

0.98.4 Release
Aug 24, 2020

Archived at:

New Features:

  • Sliders and Dial widgets can now have their value displayed.
  • Button widgets can now choose the CC Value or Note Velocity they send then they turn on
  • OSC values that are sent can now be changed to any range required. Defaults to 0-1
  • Slider and Pad widgets can now send MIDI Notes, with the Velocity being their position.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix some crashes on Windows 8.1 machines that can occur.
  • Fixes to .dmp file creation on Windows 8.1 machines.
  • Re-worked OpenGL initialization to avoid some crashes on startup.
  • Better crash handling and .dmp file production.

0.97.3 Release
Aug 8, 2020

Archived at:

New Features:

  • New NDI widget to bring in video feeds from NDI source. https://www.ndi.tv/
    ** Allow typing - character.
    ** We know the fact our keyboard doesn’t currently support space makes some sources impossible to connect to. Will be fixed in future releases.
  • Button widgets
    ** Now have their own labels, no need to create a separate Text widget for them.
  • Button and Keys widgets
    ** Add parameter to turn off border.
    ** Add parameter to control glow control strength.
    ** Add parameter to control drawing the background.
  • Text widgets now support Auto-Sizing their font size.
  • Widget editor is now hidden when no widgets are selected, avoids blocking some widgets on lower resolution monitors.
  • Ctrl-A now works to select all widgets
  • Widget palette (top bar) now resizes when the window is too small to fit the palette.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed ‘Instant’ transition mode resulting in blank widgets in some cases.
  • Disable more keyboard shortcuts (arrow keys, del, undo redo etc.) when in Play Mode
  • Fixed MIDI Note and CC values being off by 1.
  • Fixed bug where widget colors could get changed in Play Mode if the color palette was left open in Edit Mode.

Please post any bugs in new threads describing them.

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