FIXED/ADDED: Button does send multiple commands when pressed instead of single command


Just recently started with OSC Pilot so it could be that I miss something here.
I need a button which will send one command when pressed.
The main purpose for this is to change RackSpace in Gig Performer (next/previous).
So when button is pressed, change to previous or next RackSpace in GigPerformer.
Generally the button does work but each time it is pressed, it will change to next after next, or previous after previous.
If I change the button to toggle mode it is working correctly, but I will have the toggle for something which isn’t a toggle :wink:

Right, it sends both an On and an Off message when it’s clicked. Ideally your receiver would look at the value of the message (0 or 1) and do something different depending on the value.
I do plan to make it so if you clear out the ‘Off’ or ‘On’ OSC value, it won’t sent a message for that event. That would fix the issue for you. Likely in the next version.

The ability to have a button not send an event when it goes off or goes on is now available in a pre-release build:

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The button does work now with v1.2.1 by setting OSC ON to 1 and empty OSC OFF.
Thanks for the fast implementation :+1: