One button send multiple commands

is it possible to have one button send multiple osc commands?
I want to make song title buttons that trigger a bunch of things in resolume; such as
(1) trigger anad move view to specific column
(2) trigger fx stack clip over live cameras
(3) change blend modes

I would think the way to do this is add multiple of the same IP/port to the servers, (A, B, C) and then turn those on for for the widget you’d want to send multiple messages from.

Hi Malcom, I am trying to do a similar function in Resolume, Stop one group while starting another, with one button. By using the socket in OSCP I can send the same command to several sockets, but don’t see how I change the command per socket… Is an additional command entered into the Extra OSC Arg section? That didn’t work for me either.
Thanks in advance

Hey there, I’m also back to osc/pilot form touchosc and wondering the same thing again … is it possible to send multiple osc values from one button/fader/etc in osc pilot? Can confirm that the idea above of using the socket’s doesn’t work, just wanted to +1 a desire for this answer/feature and back up your findings!

Sounds like a good feature request.
Based on my experience with Bome MIDI Translator, just being able to send several commands at the same time isn’t enough for some use-cases!
sometimes it’s necessary to delay commands by 1ms or more, in order for things like “stop one group → then start another” to work out as intended, with the press of just one button!

Ah yeah very cool, do you do that in bomes currently?
Have you gotten osc/pilot into resolume yet? thats one of my next ones to figure out, and guessing we need to go through bomes or something along those lines?

The resolume OSC system being so baked in means you have to use midi also I find. To do things like make a controller shortcut to reset a speed value to 1 with the press of a button etc.

Ya unfortunately there is no way to do multiple different commands through the same button right now, sorry.

no sadly Bome doesnt work with OSC.
Maybe “chataigne” (by benjamin.kuperberg ) could do the job, but i have no time to learn that program. Im exhausted when it comes to finding workarounds for workarounds.
Bome “only” works for Multi-midiCC send and Multi-Shortcut-Send with one button

is adding the ability to send multiple messages from one trigger on the to do list? thank you!

Bomes may not, but Show Cockpit does! That’s looking like it’s going to be my workaround solution.

I use Processing to extend OSC Pilot. The code and process are simple, or can get as complex as you like. The Processing sketch just runs in the background. There is very little latency, have not measured it but the feel is instantaneous.

Set up the listening and sending servers.
Receive a message from OSC.
Process it, multiply it, reinterpret it, whatever.
Forward it to one or multiple destinations.

This would be the basic code, receiving a message on port 7000 from OSC Pilot, forwarding on local machine on port 9015, if a specific OSC pattern is received, send multiple messages.
Many examples in the OscP5 library.

import oscP5.*;
import netP5.*;

OscP5 oscP5;
NetAddress myRemoteLocation;

void setup() {
  size(400, 400);
  oscP5 = new OscP5(this, 7000);
  myRemoteLocation = new NetAddress("", 9015);

void draw() {

void oscEvent(OscMessage theOscMessage) {
  oscP5.send(theOscMessage, myRemoteLocation); // simple forward of every message received
  if (theOscMessage.addrPattern().equals("/trigger1")) {
    oscP5.send("/moveView", new Object[] {5}, myRemoteLocation);
    oscP5.send("/FX1", new Object[] {0.38}, myRemoteLocation);
    oscP5.send("/blendMode1", new Object[] {2}, myRemoteLocation);