Multiple CC's From One Button WITH Different Values

I’m trying to use OSC PILOT in the virtual orchestration space to send articulation changes via CC and this often requires sending multiple messages of different values at once

For example: I have an articulation switch in my DAW that sends CC 32 value 60 and CC 0 value 95 to switch to a patch that plays a particular violin scale in an upwards direction (CC 32 for the scale, CC 0 for the direction).

The problem with the current system is that while you do allow multiple CC, they all must be the same value. I have several other libraries that require this kind of implementation (some with program change, which you’ve previously said is not yet implemented, but with BOME I can find a way around this in the meantime, the other bit… not so much or not without COPIOUS scripting to the point where OSC Pilot just becomes too laborious to integrate). I believe in TouchOSC people get around this by stacking buttons-- I don’t think that’s very elegant personally. It’d be great if one could just add more than one CC or Note etc… with different values.

I think this looks a lot cooler than TouchOSC personally and would rather use this, as would I think a lot of other people in the film scoring space. Let me know if this sounds like something you plan on implementing!

So this is just a UI question really. I don’t want things to get all convoluted. I could make the Value settings accept multiple entries like the Channel/CC/Note settings do. But I wonder if that’s clear enough…

yeah I could see the value in keeping it consistent/trim

i think as long as it follows a similar logic-- i.e., the first CC and first Value correspond, second with second, etc…-- then that should be fine, and just include that information in the same place in the manual/documentation on the main site that you do now, perhaps boldened as “Sending Multi-Message Button” or something similar

one thing I’m unclear about is how you send separately valued messages, as in the documentation example, Ch = 1 2 Note = 5 10 sends notes 5 and 10 to both channels 1 and 2, but how do you specify note 5 to channel 1 and note 10 to channel 2? (or CC value to independent channels in my case)

Yeah, currently you can’t do that (ch1 note2 and ch5 note10 only). The main goal was to allow for multiple notes on the same channel. I added the multiple channels since that was a free extra.

Could be that a totally different UI needs to be made up for this to make it more general

well, if it at all entices you to make that happen I really think it would widen your userbase, at least into the film/tv/game/trailer scoring crowd

Hey Malcolm!

Wondering if this has come back up for you?

Hey, no movement on this one. I do think it’ll be a larger task because I need to come up with new UI tools to achieve it

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hey malcolm, checkin back in