How many parameters can we control? CC values

I know we can only control 127 midi notes, but can we control more parameters with CC values in OSC pilot?

Also, does each page allow for a different set of MIDI notes and CCs? Or are they all shared a cross the 32 projects pages?

Like can we have 32 sperate instruments/layouts? Thanks!

on the midi out device you select in the settings, there are 128 midi notes and 128 cc values per channel, and 16 channels. that means 2032 cc values and 2032 notes available to use.

the midi out device does not appear to change between scenes, but as of yet you can also launch multiple instances of OSC/PILOT and set them to output to different midi out devices as well.

so if 2k+ ccs and 2k+ notes isn’t doing the trick you could have two instances open with different midi out devices and alt+tab between them instead of changing scenes.

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