Fader Steps x2 switch

Thought about doing a centered fader as pitch shift -1 or +1 octaves with semitone detents. (24 total) Wondering if it’s possible to add an x2 button for the steps adjustment.

Thank you for all of your hard work, I have been making mappings for common guitar rigs like THU and Neural DSP. With graphics. Super amazing program.

Thanks for the feedback! Do you mean for the MIDI values that are output, or OSC?

Midi values. I use osculator for feedback, but because I’m using Pilot as front end control, unless I’m cueing a preset, OSC feedback isn’t as necessary. For presets, I’ll use clips in ableton that fire midi envelopes to both OSCulator as well as the plug-in, so I’m “synced” between them.

Hey @malcolm - just circling back around to this, I ran into another instance where simply having an “x2” button next to the steps slider would be a great feature. I use your product everyday, it’s a complete game changer.