Newbie question On midi control

HI there, I’m really new to the world of OSC. I’m having issues with a simple fader control in Live…I have my fader only set to MIDI CH 1 when I assign the fader it only value only changes a bit, I can’t control the full fader and in I have it from inf to 6.I can tell its controlling it but not the way id like. is it a midi assign issue within OSC pilot that I could be assigning wrong? I can even play the Keys on OSC pilot so it’s not a midi connectivity issue.

Thanks for any help!

Hey, hard to tell from that description. The OSC widgets can send the full range of possible MIDI values (0-127), so I’m not sure what the issue is on that side…

I’m sorry this was terribly explained . I did end up, figuring out the issue. Now, the only thing I’m running into is scaling issues within the iPad and Mac. Even if my Mac is fit to scale when I transfer to the iPad, it’s microscopic. Same size as the initial preset for OSC pilot when downloading in the App Store.

The UI scale should be based on the largest workspace in your project. Can you post your .plt file so I can take a look?