List of available OSC to control inside OSC Pilot

Hi, I’m looking for a list of available OSC to control inside OSC Pilot. It’s for looping back and getting a merged feedback from 3 faders to control a mix of rib to indicate the color.

Red, Green and Blue to control a fourth fader/button to show what color is mixed.

It seems possible, but only getting for example “/slider1/OSCpilot/Opacity” to work properly. “/slider1/OSCpilot/Color” kind of works, but not the way I need it to.

I’m working on mac with MadMapper, aiming to control aspects of my setup there. All preset osc-messages in that software is available in a source dokument. Is there by any chance one available for OSC Pilot?

The documentation covers everything that is currently supported. What else are you looking for?

You mean this text? OSC/PILOT DOCS | OSC/PILOT

Im looking for a way to control the color of the widgets more accurately.

Also; running NDI would be good for my project, to preview the output from my project. Haven’t figured out which address to put tho. -Any experience with internal NDI-patching from Mad Mapper? The output lists like this:
Skjermbilde 2023-01-24 kl. 15.32.00

MAXBOOK_PRO-BN.LOCAL would be the computer name and MadMapper - Video-Output-1 would be the Source name

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After the update this works perfectly! Since I get a good preview I no longer need to loop bak the color control that I initially asked for in this post.