Please help: Can OSC Pilot do the following

I m really interested in buying oscpilot, yet, i wonder if it can fit my needs.

What i love to do is: looping voice, Instruments and many VST Instruments with a Boss Rc505, using Gig Performer 3 as a VST host. Now i want to fully transition to Ableton, giving me more looping tracks, more effects, etc. BUT: i hate how cluttered Ableton tends to look with huge livesets.
I want to fully replace the Ableton interface with something like oscpilot.

Mainly, i want to see three sections on my touchscreen (windows10 laptop).

The first section: A nice overview-list of all my favorite VST presets/patches, well-ordered in sections, color coded, easily scrollable via swiping. (Like the VST list on the left side of GigPerformer or Mainstage, but more beautiful :wink: Is swipe-movement of a vertical List or swipe-movement of a segment full of buttons even possible? I mean “scrolling” through a vertical list of many pressable Vst-Instrument-buttons.

The second section: Shows the loaded VSTs Name, or VSTs (if layered), with individually customized controls in focus of the view, e.g. Cutoff Knob, Reverb Knob, … And with some hand-selected information about the values of certain parameters. Because i need some visual feedback on certain Parameters, which usually are shown in each respective VST plugin: e.g.: in case of Kontakt-Libraries: there has to be a way to see which keyswitch-note is currently active.

The third section: Basically emulating the visual feedback and usability a Boss RC 505 gives.
E.g.: showing 5 or better yet 8 big looper buttons which show the progress-status of each loop in real time. And which show the mode each looper is currently running (record/overdub/play).

Thank you so much for help,

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I think one of the main things we’re missing that you need is MIDI feedback coming from Ableton back to your widgets. This is getting higher on my list.


Thanks for putting Midi-Feedback higher on your list :smile: Would be an awesome christmas present, haha :christmas_tree: