Look at this beauty (Full OSC control of Bitwig)

Since @walshtimmy was looking into using Ableton OSC, and since @AisD was telling me about “showsync” (m4l plugin called livegrabber, to send osc out of ableton), i was fiddleing around, trying to get proper OSC out of Ableton, into OSC/Pilot.
No success!

And then, out of curiosity, i checked out Bitwig + drivenbymoss OSC script. Jesus christ, it works SO smoothly out of the box. I wish Ableton OSC would be the same…
Here’s an example where you see: Volume Control of specific tracks (just type in the number), Volume Meter! Volume Meter in number-values. And the current “db” values of the Volume Fader. And the Track-Name! All automatically showing in OSC/Pilot, perfectly mirroring the Bitwig Channels.


here you see me combining track volume control with the Volume Meter just for fun

Here you see how OSC immediately shows the correct Trackname, when i move around Tracks.

bitwig in osc pilot

Really awesome! :slight_smile:

I just wish we could adjust the Slider size horizontally, to be smaller. :thinking:The VU Meter should be at least half the size, horizontally, then i even could do left/right channel VU meters!
I always could work around this issue with the multi-slider-object of OSC/Pilot using Midi CC, but since i m using OSC adresses now, the multi-slider-object doesn’t help any longer, haha