Standalone synth controls

Dear all,

currently I’m trying to apply OSC Pilot to standalone synths - such as Massive X (in this case inside Komplete Kontrol) - which are not blessed with virtual on-board controls like Pigments.

I find OSC Pilot’s documentation rather thin, so someone could perhaps advise on how to shed some light on those tasks:

  • How to assign an OSC Pilot slider to a synth’s Pitch Wheel?
  • How to assign OSC Pilot buttons to switch octaves on OSC Pilot keyboards?
  • How to set up a slider to control velocity in real-time?
  • How to set up an OSC Pilot keyboard with velocity sensitivity depending on finger position on a key?
  • How to set up a slider to control aftertouch in real-time?
  • MPE support for OSC Pilot’s virtual keyboard?

All the best

I´m a bit annoyed having paid 50 USD for an apparently useful software, but with dead support.
Is this alive or abandoned?

Hey, sorry for the delay in answering, I was on vacation. To assign it to your synths pitch wheel, you’ll need to refer to the documentation of your synth, and how it works with OSC. It’ll be different for every piece of software, so I can’t be helpful there, sorry.

For the other questions, those are features that are not currently available in OSC/PILOT.

Well, thanks for replying.

It’s like any other midi controller?…you midi map the same way.