Basic OSC setup for Pilot and Ableton

So, I have Pilot setup with Ableton, and I’m able to control things just fine. I set it up just as I would a basic hardware controller, so I believe I am only using MIDI here, not OSC.

To take advantage of OSC functionality should I use PAR? Or am I missing some method with only Pilot. I’m assuming I need something like PAR because as far as I know Ableton doesn’t have built in OSC capability.

I have no problem shelling out for PAR, I just want to make sure I’m heading down the right path.

PAR is only for output from Ableton. It helps control other apps via Ableton automation outputs. For input into Ableton you just want to use MIDI

Ah perfect. A simple sentence but it tells me everything. Awesome. I’m gonna grab PAR because I can definitely use that.

Hi Lupin, you might want to look into Ableton OSC. It’s a script communicating OSC messages from and to Ableton. I managed to get VU Meters with it. GitHub - ideoforms/AbletonOSC: Control Ableton Live 11 via Open Sound Control (OSC)
As far as i know, OSC PAR is not able to deliver VU Meter information or Clipplayback-information out of Ableton. Or am i wrong?