OSC/PILOT with Ableton Live

So I just bought the full version of OSC Pilot. Already my mind is blown by how amazing this is in both looks and approach. I never thought I’d be able to actually own something like this, let alone for 50 bucks. Serious steal.
I just got a 2020 Lenovo touchscreen all-in-one desktop so this is PERFECT for this kind of setup.

So I’ve already been getting used to the workspace and creating templates, but the one thing I’m having trouble with is how to get it communicating with my Ableton Live 10 Standard
I watched the official video with deadmau5 doing an introductory demonstration, but he didn’t really go in-depth on how to connect it to the DAW MIDI which is where I’m getting stuck.
He also suggested getting rtpMIDI so I downloaded that but I don’t understand why I would need to use that if both my OSC and Ableton are on the same computer. Do I still need to connect it to a network?

Can anyone offer some helpful advice on how to get the MIDI set up on Ableton Live so it communicates with OSC/PILOT and vice-versa?


*update. i found a video of deadmau5 discussing OSC/PILOT on a livestream and he mentions a VST companion that will be able to send values to/from Ableton that will be coming out. that’ll help loads.

If it’s on the same computer you’ll want to use loopMIDI instead of rtpMIDI.

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Ah, okay, thanks! Downloading it now