I love this software...but how do I actually work with it?

I am so excited this software is finally released and it was an immediate buy for me! However, after many hours of scouring docs and tinkering, it is very apparent I have no idea what I’m doing. I thought a good exercise at first would be to try and do some simple midi maps with FL Studio 20. This lead me down the rabbit hole of using loopMidi to transport signal across the 2 applications on the same computer. However, I can’t even get the keyboard presses in OSCPilot to show up in something like MIDI-OX. Can anyone point me to some websites or something that might help me understand the routing a little better? I’d like to not feel like a complete n00blord.


I’m in a similar boat, but just got it to work for midi (it’s really fucking cool!)

I’m still painfully ignorant on OSC, and would love it if more entry level OSC for windows docs/tutorials happened to find there way to this site.

are you assigning a midi channel and CC number value for the widget you are testing and do you have a midi out assigned in the settings?


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Ok…I feel dumb haha I never put anything in the MIDI CC box as I had no idea what it was used for. Just slapped in 1 like yours was setup and boom it’s now being recognized in MIDI-OX. Thank you so much!

midiOX is fine / great for local… but if youd like to broadcast over network / use a different computer you can always try RTPMidi (my personal goto for MIDI over UDP)



Regarding RTPMidi, Is there something i need outside of that, Im having issues getting input recognized on even the local host like resolume and vmix or any units on the network and seeing no traffic to the output on the inspector.

Works fine though with loopmidi so I’m not sure if i have a setting wrong or missing something.

Is the MIDI device created by rtpMIDI showing up in anything? There is nothing special to do, just need to get the setting right in rtpMIDI’s control panel. I think the rtpMIDI app needs to be running also for it to work.

Ah, realized I forgot to connect the host listener to the master signal on the main computer, was able to see it on the listeners but not the host. My bad!