Sending/getting midi over the internet?

I’m in contact with a eurorack developer for creating a new module and I would like to enable him to play with the device I coded for him to test it.
I got the idea that OSC/pilot is able to get osc/midi from the internet to control things on this computer using the NDI widget. Am I right on this?
If so, how would I set this up?
Do I need to create a website that could send midi, is there something available for this already or can he just download osc/pilot himself and connect it to my computer somehow?

Nah, the NDI isn’t useful for this. It also isn’t useful for internet video streaming as it’s a extremely high bandwidth video feed, intended for local LAN video streaming.
In theory rtpMidi could stream MIDI over the internet though. Not sure how the latency would feel offhand.

latency doesn’t matter in this case, he just needs to be able to control it to hear what all the controls do.

rtpMidi works over internet. You add the target router as destination and make sure to have ports forwarded to the actual IP of the target machine.

ik not sure what (digital or analog)platform your using but in alpha testing arduino/teensy based modules i make sure the tester and i have the same version module and IDE setup on his side in the case of the arduino or upload .hex to the Teensy. Resilio sync folder to sync the latest firmware.

do you know where I could get it from?
I tried to download it from Tobias Erichsen’s site (first hit on google), but my anti-virus blocks the download, seeing it as malware…

I told my Virus-protection to allow it.

I didn’t even get that option as far as I could see… It just didn’t even react to the download button accept that my antivirus gave me a notion that it blocked something. But perhaps I missed some icon somewhere…

You can send OSC directly over the internet it is just UDP packets. I have done this with a friend in America (I am in Australia). You need to forward the UDP ports in your modem/router. How to do this differs with each modem/router. Do not leave these ports open indefinitely though… close them again for security once you are done sending OSC commands. For instance I had UDP ports 14000/14001 sending and receiving over the internet triggering commands in Resolume Arena and Ableton Live (via Max for Live).

For MacOS RTP is baked into the Audio/MIDI studio, you access it via the “Open MIDI network setup” in the menu once you have opened the MIDI studio (CMD+2).

For Windows RTPMIDI Tobias Erichsen has made a clone available - rtpMIDI | Tobias Erichsen

For both you can follow this - RTP-MIDI over the Internet | Deep Signal Studios

Just one thing to note: expect a lot of latency. This wont work well for timing critical stuff as the internet is not a fixed latency. But it does work well for triggering things like clips in Ableton Live or stuff that can be quantized.

edit: also to answer your NDI question you can send NDI over the internet there are a few sources that do that I recommend looking at they have excellent solutions ( i use their hardware)

And by chance if you need to split the feedback signal to other devices there is this GitHub - ETCLabs/OSCRouter: UNOFFICIAL - Simple UDP/TCP packet router for Mac and Windows, with optional OSC specific options :robot:

I would recommend Chataigne if you need to re-route or pass-thru OSC signals. It is the best OSC “Fat Controller” - Chataigne | Chataigne