MIDI controllers -> OSC/PILOT on iPad -> OSC

I’m building a networked multi-controllers station, and I’m comparing different solutions. I’ve prototyped with TouchOSC, and iterated using Pure Data and MobMuPlat.
The plan is to have a custom UI, consisting of 2 Novation Launch Control and an iPad. I intend to use a PoE splitter, to route and power the station through our local network. Also, the MIDI controllers are connected to the iPad via a USB+RJ45 hub. The app on iPad has to reformat and forward the MIDI CC messages as OSC, for further processing in TouchDesigner and MadMapper on a Mac Studio.
The project can work using a custom Pd patch (and MobMuPlat), but our need for NDI monitoring makes OSC/PILOT a potential better solution.
My questions are:

  • Can OSC/PILOT on iPad forward MIDI CC messages as OSC? If not, rtpMIDI?
  • Is it possible to send a patch on iPad with the demo version?
  • Can OSC/PILOT manage multiple MIDI in/out? What about sysex out (to control the lights on the Launch Control)?

Thanks for reading through this!

OSC/PILOT isn’t really for forwarding messages, you’ll want to use other tools for that. rtpMIDI follows the same protocol that macOS/iOS uses for network MIDI, so you can use that for over-the-network MIDI.
Since you can’t save/load on the demo version, you can’t really make a patch, but you can certainly load any patch on the iOS version since that version is free.
Currently we only support a single MIDI input and output, no sysex out.
Thanks for your questions.