Help with OSC / PILOT

Hello! I am making an attempt to get OSC / PILOT working with either FL Studio or Virtual DJ, as far as I know, both accept MIDI inputs. I can’t figure out how to get this whole process started, I am not even sure if I am using the correct host IP address or not, also I can’t fully figure out how to find the send to port and the Listen on port numbers, I tried using the netstat -ab command in cmd, but I am still not sure which port goes where, I also did set up RTP MIDI, but I just can’t get it working with anything, can someone please help me out here? Am I doing something wrong? Where do I begin and what do I do to get OSC / PILOT working with either FL Studio or Virtual DJ? Thanks!

(P.S. I know a lot about computers, but I can’t figure out how to get this started.)

For RTPMidi you need to ensure that you have a host session (the midi that is linked to OSC) and sometimes a listener session selected in the receiving software (even if you are using the program on the same host computer) depending on the software. This is assuming you are running it all tied to the same network, which in most cases you don’t have to touch the ports since RTPMidi will tell you there is an issues / select the next port available.

If your trying to send signals over the web (different internet line / location entirely) you need to do some port forwarding / run a private tunnel between

I would try using LoopMidi with OSC on the same computer with FL / VDJ and see if you can get a signal as if you still can’t then you may have a driver level issue that requires likely a reinstall / update or a weird bug that rather unique.

So I installed loop midi, and created a session. Is that all I need to do to get loop midi up and running? I guess all I need really is a step by step instruction list on what to do to get OSC / PILOT working with my other laptop. (I have OSC / PILOT running on my surface pro, and virtualDJ on my main laptop, I can’t really figure out how to get the two connected to eachother over the same network using RTPMIDI. Hope that helps with any confusion, if any.)

loopMIDI would be for if you are running both on the same machine, rtpMIDI is if you are running the two apps on different machines. Are you looking for them both running on the same machines or separate?

I am running virtual DJ on one machine and OSC / PILOT on another, so to answer your question, separate.

Ok right so you just need rtpMIDI then, installed on both machines. All the setup is done in rtpMIDI. In OSC/PILOT and FL Studio you’d just select the MIDI device that ends up showing up.
On the machine running FL Studio you’d click + in the section ‘My sessions’ to create a session on that machine. Then you’d also click the ‘Enabled’ checkbox to turn on the session.
On the OSC/PILOT machine you’d click + in the ‘directory’ section to add a new destination, and use the IP/port that is shown on the FL Studio machine.
Finally click ‘Connect’ on the added entry in the directory to connect to the FL Studio machine. You should see the name of the OSC/PILOT machine in the ‘participants’ section of the FL Studio’s rtpMIDI window.
Once that is all connected, you just select the MIDI devices in OSC/PILOT and FL Studio, and things should be up and running.

I think I got it working per your instructions… Thanks!

I also would like to get this working with virtual DJ, so what would I do to go about doing that? I know to add a controller in there, but I just can’t get that part working… any options I could try?

i’m unfamiliar with it, but if it accepts MIDI devices, then the rtpMIDI device should just show up in there. If it uses OSC then you’ll need to check its documentation for OSC addresses. Those are setup per-widget.

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