First time ever using OSC, have OSC/PAR. Want to connect Ableton to X32

Title is more or less explanatory.

More specifically: I want to be able to use Ableton to control the on board effects on my Behringer x32. I want to automate chorus, delay, etc effects onto lead vocals for performances. I already use ableton to send audio to the x32 for backing tracks and click tracks to IEMs, and as a control for live lighting (via loopmidi).

I see that the only way to really get those things to talk to each other is over OSC. I’ve never used OSC before. I’m on Windows, so many popular OSC apps aren’t available to me, and there isn’t much in the way of baseline “here’s how to connect to things using OSC/PAR” videos or documents out there. Could someone give me some ELI5 guidance on how to make these things start talking to each other, so I can assign effects?