Request: OSC/PAR From 4 beat to 16 (1)
Is there a way to display this to 16 instead of 4?

To have this in 32 would be really cool for live looping…

Malcolm please add this, this is the most important feature of osc/par.

Hey! We’d be really interested in adding that feature.

I wonder: do you mean showing 16th notes? 4 bars?
Can you explain more on how you would use it?


Hey, I’m would use it as a map of suggestions, electronic music is very technical, i can’t remember all the details, so if i had 32 Bars i could easily see where i am in the song, like every 8 bars you can do this or every 16 bars that.
I’m not fixated on one style of music, and i can’t remember all the techinal things from all the styles.

@AisD, I like the idea!
So, let me freestyle about it (before I talk to Joel who will probably offer deeper insight):

Say we add something that says “Transmit position every X time”, where X can be 1/4, 1/8, 1 bar, etc.
And then for that, we can add loop length. So for example if you chose 1/4 and 1 bar, you’d get “1, 2, 3, 4” in a loop. If you chose 2 bars it would be 1-8.

Will something like that work for you? So you could define 4 bar loops, 8 bar loops, etc?


It would help me a lot!
There is no software that measures Audio Track loop length, I tried most of the loopers available, none of them provide visual feedback that could be send via osc.
I think simple eq that tracks in real time frequencies and sends them via osc without crashing is another important feature for osc/par.

I’d say an EQ (and one that sends out OSC) is a full on other product, and not a feature. :slight_smile: I’d imagine something like would take months of full time development, brand new UI, new DSP…

To be clear, we can’t ‘measure’ the loop length in OSC par. We have two options:

  1. We can use the loop length in the host, which only works with the ‘global’ loop, and not an individual clip in Ableton Live, etc.
  2. We can ask the user to tell us what they want the loop length to be via sliders.

I have a filter that works this way.

Yeah, so the loop buttons on your filters are pretty much what I had in mind. Would that work for you?

Yes, that would definitely work for me :slight_smile: