ADDED: MIDI Feedback like Open Stage Control

Hey, OSC/Pilot looks amazing - hoping this can take over from Open Stage Control for me but am I right in saying it doesn’t take MIDI return?

Correct, currently it only outputs MIDI, it doesn’t take return.

one more person would like this option overhere :slight_smile:

me to :slight_smile:

I too would love to see this!

When is this midi feedback option will be released?
and its name is osc/par? Will it cost more money?

Hey, no release date for when this feature will be added. It’s higher on my list but I still have other things to get done before it. It’s not OSC/PAR and it won’t cost more. OSC/PAR is a different product.

i’d like to add to this request. For controlling applications such as VMix via (rtp)midi, feedback is really a necessity.

Ok yep this is super high on my list now. Once I’ve reconciled the macOS and Windows branches together I’m going to start work on this.

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One design question for this. If you have a Button widget setup to send Velocity 50 when it’s pressed. Do you expect that Button to turn on only if it is sent a Note On MIDI message with Velocity >= 50, or should any Note On turn on the button?

that’s a good question.

I’d say any note-on initially

If we’re being consistent with the way OSC values work, it’ll be based on the velocity. But maybe that makes less sense in the MIDI world. This feature is ready to release, I’m just waiting to get something fixed with our code-signing before I can release it.

In midi world velocity > 0 is a note on.
A default of say >= 50 will mean all midi controllers with velocity sensitive pads won’t register a note on unless hit hard.


looking at the note out options [channel, pitch, velocity] i would say any returning velocity > the output setting should trigger?


don’t worry :wink:

Ya that’s how I have it now (>= though). If that makes sense I’ll leave it like that to start at least

yes indeed >=

looking forward to the update

for a button press with the velocity of notes, I’ld vote for an option to control the amount of glow. >=velocity would just be the glow that’s set and below it would dim.

Otherwise you’re left with just two options:
if you want to be able to play high velocities using the buttons, you’ll miss any possible low-velocity midi triggers that you might want to see.
Otherwise if you want to see all the midi coming back, your only option is to set the button to play notes at velocity set to 1…which is often pretty useless…

Though, you might layer two buttons, where the bottom button would glow from velocity >=1 and the other would be sending on a higher velocity. But this will also double the amount of button-widgets for all those you want midi-feedback on…

But, I think for most people it’s important to have midiCC feedback so they can switch between presets and see what the new settings are.

MIDI feedback/input is now available in pre-release build v1.5.2:

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