Way to have midi or osc feedback

Hi, is there a way to set OSc or Midi feedback to osc Pilot using resolume?
What i need is to OsC Pilot mirror the status of the clips( selected , playing etc…)either with blinking buttons or solid.
Using an Akai Apc this is not a problem , I am wondering if Pilot has this option?

Yep, OSC/PILOT is always listening for feedback for OSC values on it’s ‘Listen On’ port. Setup Resolume to send to that and your widgets will match what’s happening in resolume

Is there velocity codes ( numbers) for certain colors if I am using Midi to trigger and want to get the feedback back from Resolume?

I’m actually not sure as I’m not too familiar with Resolume. It may be also worth asking this on the Resolume forums.

Hi Duluka, I assume you are trying to do something similar to what the APC40ii does with it’s colours. It uses midi velocity codes to get around not having a more powerful way of communicating (aka OSC).

A way of getting around this would be to use those midi out notes (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDQ2sGb-O4Q)
And convert the velocity of the buttons to either off or on state OSC commands.

Alternatively setup OSC outputs linked to every thing you are triggering from Resolume and point them back to OSCPilot.

I’ll work on a proof of concept file for this when I get home later today

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Thanks for looking into this.
Yes, the APC had the velocity numbers published , it was such a cool feature.
I hope we can get something like that going on the pilot.