Linking to Resolume

Hello all!

I am so excited that this software has launched! I am buzzing to start using it and encorporating it into my sets.

Is it possible to link this directly to Resolume? Or does it have to go via Ableton, to be able to use it?

Many Thanks


Resolume naively supports OSC, so you can link directly with it:

Let me know if you have any other questions.

I’m having trouble linking to Resolume … Resolume’s default osc listening port is 7000 so I changed Touch PIlots to 7000 as well and we should be game on right? But not seeing anything in resolume including in it’s osc monitor. Firewall is off. Any thoughts? This is running touch pilot and resolume on the same computer.

Just tested on same machine and works fine for me. below is screenshot of OSC/PILOT settings as well as relevant resolume settings

Are you using the OSC tags from resolume in the OSC address of your widget in OSC/PILOT?

Do you have OSC input and output eneabled in resolume preferences?

What did you set the “Listen On Port” for OSC/PILOT to?

Got it. Thanks so much team. It was a couple things. I’ll make a little dummy how to video next week as a contribution. Osc pilot to Resolume.

Is it possible to set buttons to be a group and mutually exclusive?

I built a grid of individual buttons and they have bi directional communication but are flashing on and off like a temp (piano mode). But I’d rather the one that’s on stay light up until the next in that group is pressed.

This is essentially to control the Resolume clip selection grid