Midi return signal instead of OSC

Hi, i like to control Adobe Lightroom with OSC Pilot and at the same time also with a Hardware Midi Controler. The Problem i have is that OSC Pilot does not support Midi feedback, so I can not see the changes which I made with the Hardware Midi Controler in OSC Pilot. To get this solved, i use an additional Midi to OSC converter and convert my midi signals from the hardware controler to OSC for OSC Pilot, what is unhandy. Is there a technical reason why midi feedback is not supported? Thanks.

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No technical reason, just hadn’t been needed before for Joel’s shows. I’ve added it to the wishlist though!


Hey, what Midi to OSC converter are you using? I started to build my own, but damn it’s a pain in the ass.

Hi ctbrahmstedt, due some other problems I stopped for the moment to work on the OSC translation topic. But, i tested the program called OSCMatrix from germany and it works for what I tested it, means for encoders and buttons. The negative point is the testversion is time limited for 15min. I received a 30day trial version from the developer. The full version costs approx. 70eur. There are some free programs available but i did not understand how to use them. So I hope OSC Pilot will implement the midi return somehow.

Awesome. Thanks! I actually just figured out a way to do this in Touchdesigner. I don’t think it’s any less roundabout than using OSCMatrix, but at least there isn’t a time limit on Touchdesigner. (Though probably a LOT more CPU overhead)

Yes, i have seen touchdesigner too, but i was a bit afraid to study this program with my english skills. At the moment i put hands on several programs (midi2lr, lightroom, OSCMatrix, copperlan, midiOX, Bome Midi Translator, OSC-Pilot and a lot others) and got a lot of headake, just to get what I want. Maybe touchdesigner can do all what I want, but my time and skills arent not good enough to try it.

Touchdesigner looks scary, but it’s really pretty easy once you get the hang of it. I made a video for you to show you how to setup TD in the way I think you’re looking for. Using TD is probably overkill, but it may work for your application. Let me know if you have any questions or get stuck.

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Great, thanks for the movie and explanation.
I have to look how I continue with my project due some other issues.