Midi return signal instead of OSC

Hi, i like to control Adobe Lightroom with OSC Pilot and at the same time also with a Hardware Midi Controler. The Problem i have is that OSC Pilot does not support Midi feedback, so I can not see the changes which I made with the Hardware Midi Controler in OSC Pilot. To get this solved, i use an additional Midi to OSC converter and convert my midi signals from the hardware controler to OSC for OSC Pilot, what is unhandy. Is there a technical reason why midi feedback is not supported? Thanks.

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No technical reason, just hadn’t been needed before for Joel’s shows. I’ve added it to the wishlist though!


Hey, what Midi to OSC converter are you using? I started to build my own, but damn it’s a pain in the ass.

Hi ctbrahmstedt, due some other problems I stopped for the moment to work on the OSC translation topic. But, i tested the program called OSCMatrix from germany and it works for what I tested it, means for encoders and buttons. The negative point is the testversion is time limited for 15min. I received a 30day trial version from the developer. The full version costs approx. 70eur. There are some free programs available but i did not understand how to use them. So I hope OSC Pilot will implement the midi return somehow.

Awesome. Thanks! I actually just figured out a way to do this in Touchdesigner. I don’t think it’s any less roundabout than using OSCMatrix, but at least there isn’t a time limit on Touchdesigner. (Though probably a LOT more CPU overhead)

Yes, i have seen touchdesigner too, but i was a bit afraid to study this program with my english skills. At the moment i put hands on several programs (midi2lr, lightroom, OSCMatrix, copperlan, midiOX, Bome Midi Translator, OSC-Pilot and a lot others) and got a lot of headake, just to get what I want. Maybe touchdesigner can do all what I want, but my time and skills arent not good enough to try it.

Touchdesigner looks scary, but it’s really pretty easy once you get the hang of it. I made a video for you to show you how to setup TD in the way I think you’re looking for. Using TD is probably overkill, but it may work for your application. Let me know if you have any questions or get stuck.


Great, thanks for the movie and explanation.
I have to look how I continue with my project due some other issues.

Thanks for wish-listing. When you open a session in ableton or command+m twice on an open session, it updates what is on/off and levels of faders in apps like touchOSC. This is literally the ONE thing preventing me from using OSCPilot live, because I have no way of knowing what’s on/off or where values are upon loading. I’ve pulled up OSCulator and TouchDesigner but they both fail to receive the ableton out messages. =( I’m so thankful for this app, I bought it and I really really hope the midi return is a soon added feature.

Wow - nevermind I figured out the ableton message out and will translate in osculator. PLZ keep us posted otherwise thanks!!

Peep ClyphX Pro from Isotonick studios, OSC Output is available and works like a dream on the the selected track and device, and updates properly upon changing tracks and devices. Also peep ClyphX Bindings Extention that allows change-on-the-fly MIDI assignments. It a game changer for any intermediate/ advance user of Live and crucial for anyone using touchscreens control apps. I eliminated Bome and a ton of CPU hog M4L utility devices, never looking back.

+1 for midi feedback