How do I control ableton fxs with this software?

I’m having a hard time making OSC control a beat repeat on my kick track for example.

you would need to assign a midi output from OSCpilot in the settings… then have ableton use that input to remote that specified device, then simply map the ableton FX param to the desired midi CC or note.

in fact, sometime next week i should upload a simple “quick start” tuorial… the video thats up really only focuses on the software, not so much the integrations with other software.


thanks I’m definatley gonna need to see it to understand lol.

Hi! I just uploaded a tutorial on how to map OSC to Ableton and I think what you need might be found through how I got mine working. You’d need to map the Beat Repeat parameters to buttons/dials on OSC, but I think if you follow the same workflow I did, it might work. Cheers.