Feedback from Ableton to see active/selected clips

I managed to create a very useful OSC/Pilot interface to control my Ableton Live. In my interface, I also have a dedicated section to select clip slots to record new sounds or to launch the existing clips.

My challenge is, I cannot see which clip slot is free, which one has sound in it as well as if that clip is playing or not? I was wondering, is there a way to get feedback from Ableton to OSC/Pilot so I can see what’s happening real time in my session view?


You can do that with ClyphX


Yes as @AisD suggested, check out ClyphX Pro.
It’s new home is at Isotonik Studios - ClyphX Pro
There is an OSC section in the manual and the scripting is easy to learn, but there are a LOT of commands to learn.
If you want to go deeper than ClyphX allows (it’s pretty deep) then you will want to start working on or paying someone to design something with MaxForLive as it has full a full API you can access (Ableton Live Object Model or LOM).
There may even be free devices on Max For Live that do something similar that you can pull apart as you learn.

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