Testing ClyphX Pro with Ableton

First and foremost shoutout to the designers, excellent work on OSC Pilot. Spot on, as a daily TouchOSC designer I am very impressed and already migrating to this platform. A lot of my wishes for TouchOSC have been answered with OSC Pilot and it looks like more are coming. I design with ClyphX Pro due to its easy accessibility to virtually every parameter of a Live Set. So far the OSC script responds very well. Its worth noting this is a static OSC script that only allows buttons not faders. For faders, I am able to utilize the Bindings Extension that allows for MIDI assignments to change on-the-fly. I have noticed interesting behavior when I try to establish ClyphX OSC Output(possibly beta) with Label widgets. While Pilot is open I get great feedback of the selected device, parameters, etc. but after I close Pilot the file becomes corrupt and from then on I get the prompt it cannot open. Any remedy for this? The Bindings seem to work and can hang with OSC Output to faders just not labels.

Are individual MIDI settings for slider & button matrices a future possibility?

MIDI min/max values would be fiya too, in TouchOSC is helps select specific menu options in parameters like Arpeggiator-Style, currently everything seems to toggle between the set value and 0.


Hey, thanks for the kind words! Glad you are enjoying it!
I’m not actually familiar with ClyphX Pro, can you elaborate on the issues you are having? Nothing should be occurring in OSC/PILOT when it shuts down (not messages are sent on shutdown), so I’m curious to figure out what the issues you are facing are.

Thanks malcolm
ClyphX Pro is a scripting language for Live accessing all of Live from simple clip names. ClyphX Pro contains several user scripts .txt to program custom OSC or MIDI assignments.

The Bindings Extension is an additional script for modular MIDI assignments for buttons and encoders. OSC output is available via the forum along with G-controls adds an additional feature to buttons that allows for a secondary/ hold “Action”

I utilize the OSC Output format with Label widgets in Pilot and during initial setup they seem to respond with parameter info and work accordingly. Ill save and try to reopen a day later to:
“Failed to Load Project File”
File Path…

I tried to narrow it down to Labels by saving versions while rebuilding and faders seem to respond to MIDI input and OSC Output, after adding Labels they populated the selected device and track info until reopening.

Failed to Load
Periodic Table w Bindings.plt (248.2 KB)

Ah, got it. Thanks, I’ll take a look today.

I think this bug is already fixed actually. Can you try upgrading to the latest version on the download page?

Here’s the file fixed so it should open again.Periodic Table w Bindings.plt (248.2 KB)

Working great thanks again, Ill get to dive deeper shorty looks like some of the Output doesn’t support symbols like fractions with Synced Rate parameters and gives interesting whole numbers. This is dope regardless.