Signal Loop after Version 1.4.8


I use OSC Pilot since October '20 and successfully worked with it in several settings. Since I updated to the current Version 1.7.3 I get a signal loop in Ableton Live when recording automation curves into clips. As soon as I trigger a clip that contains an automation curve it sends the value to OSC Pilot and sends it back to Ableton Live which then turns on the “Re-enable Automation” button causing to turn off the automation.

Not sure if this needs more clarification since I am terribly bad at explaining technical issues.

I checked with previous versions and in Version 1.4.8 the problem doesn’t exist.

How my setup looks like:
I am sending OSC from Ableton over Network to another Computer running OSC Pilot and sending MIDI from OSC Pilot over Network to Ableton Live.

Thank you in advance for checking the issue.

Hello Simon
It is doable with the script called ClyphX it has SATMR command that does what you want.

Hi AlsD

I am familiar with Clyphx Pro. The problem thou isn’t that automation recording is still on but that OSC Pilot sends out MIDI Signal when receiving OSC Signal. Like I mentioned before: In Version 1.4 it works but not in the current version.

The idea is that when a widget is activated, it sends out it’s signals to the other modes of control that are also filled in. So you have a MIDI output setup for a widget, but you want it to send that MIDI when you physically interact with it, but not when it’s activated via OSC? Or something else?

Yes exactly! Only send out midi when I physically interact with it. Otherwise recorded automations won’t work.

To help me understand more, if you don’t want to the widget to send MIDI when you send OSC to it, why are you sending OSC to it?

I am working with ClyphX Pro OSC Bindings Viewer to see the current state of the parameter at all times but controlling the parameter via MIDI:

With ClyphX Pro Bindings it is possible to bind a certain parameter of Ableton Live to a defined MIDI Button or Encoder and it’s only possible with MIDI AFIK.

So ClyphX Pro sends OSC to visualize the current state of the parameter

It would be great to be able to choose if osc will be sent to midi. This could be added in the settings tab. @malcom?

Ya let me think about it and see what Joel thinks

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