FIXED: OSCpilot crash on macOS

Hi everyone,
anytime I assign a button in OSCpilot to trigger a midi clip in Ableton’s Live view it causes OSCpilot to crash. It appears that it only happens when I enable an input in Midi Settings and only when trying to trigger a midi clip in Live view. I am running OSCpilot v1.6.3 on a Macbook Pro version 10.15.7. Any suggestions? Thanks

Thanks for the report and sorry you are running into this bug. I’ll take a look in the next couple of days to see if I can reproduce it. Any chance you can post the .crash file you are getting from it?

Hey, so far I’m unable, to reproduce the issue. Are you able to share your MIDI setting from Ableton? What MIDI data to you have sending out?

Hi Malcom, here is the crash report: crash report

And my midi settings:

This crash is now fixed in Pre-Release build 1.7.2. It was caused by the extra MIDI messages that are sent when ‘Sync’ is on.

Thanks for the report! I do notice the app gets overloaded with MIDI messages from Ableton, so there may be some tweaking that still needs to occur.

Absolute legend!!! Working perfectly now, thanks