Send OSCPILOT Midi messages to several devices

Hi there,

my current setup is: running OSC Pilot on a second PC, controlling Ableton on my first PC.
The connection is via a simple USB to midi card (ESI MIDIMATE) in my second PC, and the midi cable goes into the RME Babyface of my First PC.

i also run OBS (streaming software) on my second PC, and it COULD be controllable via Midi messages.
BUT: OSC Pilot only can choose ONE midi output. I would need to activate “loopMIDI” (to send to midi to my OBS on the same PC) AND my “ESI MIDIMATE” (to send Midi to my Ableton PC), in order for things to work.
Is there a way to do that?

Thanks for help :slight_smile:

Since i assume there won’t be a quick fix for this (please prove me otherwise haha),
let me ask for help for a workaround.
My workaround now is to use a second window of OSC Pilot, then i can choose a different midi output there.
But: i dont know how to start both instances on startup.
My startup-command file usually contains the following:

"START “OSC Pilot” /B “C:\Program Files (x86)\OSCpilot\OSCpilot.exe”
and then the last saved projects opens.

How would you automatically open two projects though?
i tried adding the specific plt file in the command line, but that’s not doing the job. OSC pilot shows up in task manager, but no window appears.

In short: how to autostart two projects of OSC Pilot on Windows Startup? :smiley:

Edit: now i realized i can’t even open a PLT file on its own. It starts a OSC Pilot instance in task manager, but no Window! Wow. Only when starting OSC Pilot.exe and then pressing “Open” enables me to open PLT files. That’s really annoying to open several instances…because you have to adjust window size each time and move to the other monitor… Is there a “- option” which could be added into the EXE-shortcut to OSCpilot, which would open a PLT file directly?

OSCPilot.exe takes a first argument as a .plt file to open that file specifically (what’s how double clicking on a .plt, or right click-open causes the project to be opened). I think the way you have your START command structured just needs to be tweaked. Can you paste the command you attempted here?

You might find success with using Bome MIDI Translator to work as a more advanced LoopMIDI along with a single instance of OSC/PILOT if your workspace allows. This should remove the headache of getting two O/P workspaces to open automatically

BMT can split MIDI signals to send to multiple places and even do keystroke/mouse_movement/clicks too.

Thank you, i will look into this. Although i have to get the necessary 60 Euros first, which is a bit of a headache too, haha.

Sorry i m not sure if i understand.

The strangest thing for me is that doubleclicking or rightclick+open a PLT file does not open the OSC/Pilot Window. (although an instance of OSC/Pilot appears in the task manager).
I guess i ll have to deal with that problem first, before i adress my startup-script :slight_smile:

Right now, the only way i can open my two PLT files in OSC/Pilot is the following:

  • Doubleclick the OSC/Pilot exe → my last saved PLT opens
  • Doubleclick the OSC/Pilot exe again to open a second instance (because as i said i can’t directly open the other PLT file) → my last saved PLT opens in the second window, again.
  • Click on “OPEN”, select my other PLT file, load it.
  • change the size of the other PLT project window, move its window to where it should be.
  • and go to SETTINGS to change the Midi-Settings of in/out (because those sadly do not load together with the “OPEN”-PLT function. OSC/Pilot rather keeps the settings of the PLT which was loaded first as the EXE was started.)

So, i CAN open 2 instances with different PLTs - but the way is incredibly annoying [and not addable to the autostart cmds]

:slight_smile: thanks for any help and clarification, if being unable to open PLT files on their own is a bug or “normal”

---------------------- to be complete, here’s my startup script (cmd file which is run on startup), which is working pretty nicely:

@echo OFF
ECHO yay music!
START “OSC Pilot” /B “C:\Program Files (x86)\OSCpilot\OSCpilot.exe”
ECHO All programs started

And i was thinking to add something like this, to open the additional PLT, but it isn’t working:

cd “C:\Users\Nowiamone\Documents\OSC Pilot”

This is really strange, I’ll need to look into it more. If you right click on the .exe in the task manager after it’s been running for a bit but not showing up, can you select ‘create dump file’ and then .zip and send me a link to download that. I can see where it’s getting stuck.

ALrighty, thank you!
here’s the file (windows 11) WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

And here on my Windows 10 PC WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

I recommend using Chataigne if you need to route to multiple devices.

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Thanks for the report. Can you try this build to see if it fixes the issue:

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Greatly appreciated! I can open the PLT Files now! in other words: the plt files open OSC Pilot and i actually see them :slight_smile: Midi out/in setting still isn’t stored in the plt file it seems, it seems that the Midi in/out setting always is the same, based on the last-saved-plt on the PC. But the most important thing got fixed, so thank you very much! :smiley:

Yes, MIDI settings are currently global, not per project.