Clip-Progress now possible to see in OSC/Pilot!

Hi guys,
as you can see here, it’s now possible to see Clip Progress of Abletons Clips in OSC/Pilot!
This is a feature which once was unique to Control-Interfaces with a Remote Script (Yeco, Touchable), but has now been implemented in OSC/Pilot, isn’t that nice?

clip progress

I m joking of course, what you see is sadly nothing more than the Volume-Fader-Envelope.
volume envelope

But yes, wouldn’t that feature be nice to have? :slight_smile:
Could anyone please help to achieve seeing Clip-Progress?

The only way i can think of right now is to make a Max 4 Live Plugin (which i sadly cant), which manages a “parallel” Liveset which consists of Dummy Clips. Those Dummy Clips are created automatically when you record new Clips in your Main-Liveset - so they have the same length and position. And OSC/Pilots Clip-View mirrors this parallel-Dummyclip-Liveset :wink:
Any other ideas? :slight_smile:

I put this into “Feature request” because it’s something i’d love to have.