LOGGED: Remember Monitor location

Hello just discovered this today and played a bit with the app.

Just reporting a few things I noticed. The app doesn’t seem to remember its location on my monitors, always opens on the main screen.

The app takes control of my mouse when touching the interface. Would be cool if it didn’t so I can for example play the keyboard widget while using my mouse in Ableton Live to change stuff like value of a knob.

Another small feature request, maybe the option for the UI to resize if I resize my window, or a container ta allows that. Sometimes it’s cool to have just OSC/Pilot on half of the screen and my TotalMix on the other or other stuff.

I’ve logged these requests, thanks for the feedback.

I dont think there is anything I can do about the mouse though, I think that’s just Window’s multitouch behavior.

I am not sure how it can work, but I use Open Stage Control when producing and it doesn’t take over the mouse, the mouse blinks but never leaves the place.

I attached a gif to show me adjusting the pan while moving the volume fader on my interface.

I am really loving OSC/Pilot and can see myself switching to it for my live performances as it feels so smooth to play with.

An interesting, I’ll take a look into it and see what options the Windows API has to handle this.

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Looks like they‘re logging the Mouse position, hold the values before the touch input and then move it back to where it was.