ADDED/LOGGED: Note to the developers

Hi Joel, hi Team,
great launch of a great product, I wish you guys all the best!
After some testing here are my 2 cents regarding the functionality and workflow.

  • The CC and Note numbering are both off by 1 meaning that the Note On message Nr. 62 is triggering a C#4 instead of the C4, same goes for CC’s - for controlling Volume (CC7) the user need to select CC8 in order for the Volume slider to work properly. I am sure this will cause some mess down the road if not fixed soon :slight_smile:
  • On smaller touch screens in the Edit mode the last few widgets are under the popup edit panel and can’t be used/dragged to the GUI (image, glsl, keys). Is there a way to put it on the left side of the screen if needed?
  • I wish for Note velocity option in the Edit panel, some vsts respond to not only the note number but also the note velocity so this might be very welcome addition.
  • Any plans for midi IN? It would be great to have some feedback whenever a DAW or external instrument is triggering that particular note (or CC for sliders).
  • a “duplicate workspace” option would be great for quicker editing instead of building every widget from scratch on each workspace.

Maybe there is already a way to do the above but like I said, I gave it a quick spin to see what I can and can’t do with it for my clients that I develop systems for. If that is the case please let me know.

Other that that - A great product and I am glad we can finally forget Lemur and touchOSC and use OSCpilot natively with dedicated touch screen/s!
Cheers Joel & the Team!!!

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I’ll give +1 on the MIDI numbering as well as the ability to duplicate workspaces!

Hey, thanks for the notes. I’ve now posted a pre-release build with many of these fixed:

Fixed, channels are now 1 based and Notes and CCs are now 0 based.

The widget editor now disappears when nothing is selected, and the widget palette resizes when the window is too small.

You can just copy/paste all your widgets to do that. I’ve added support for ctrl-a to select-all to make this cleaner though.

No plans for MIDI In yet, I’ll look into added the velocity option though.

Thanks for the report!

Hi Malcolm,

Thank you very much for the reply and a swift fix!

That is a great support you are providing!

I will test some more as soon as I get back to my studio.

Again, thanks for letting me know and thanks for the fixes, you are creating a very nice product and I will be happy to test any other build you have planned.



This feature is now added:

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@24dBFS If you are using Ableton (max for live) you can use their Connection Kit to easily reroute midi into oscPILOT. []

Thanks DrtyHvn,
this is a great idea!
Will surely work for now.