Multi-track Control Test

Testing a little multi-track controller for live environments.

You can see it at

I’m using midi to control the beat repeats, gating, and redux. I am using TDAbleton to get song names, bars, and tempo. The high and low pass filters are ran through Touch Designer through a splitter I made to split the bidirectional sliders into two 0-1 values (you can get the tox here for anyone interested), and then using TDAbleton to control the filter frequencies and solo and mute buttons. TDAbleton also gives the track output levels.

In the future I want the track labels to auto-update with what song is currently playing.

All in all this is a great program and I can’t wait to see how other artists use this program. This program is easily 100 times better than TouchOSC.

Thank you Malcolm and Joel for once again upping the game!

Only thing I’m kicking myself over is that I made the UI with the trial version lol, definitely going to buy this product.


Hey i know its late bud can you do a video tutorial setting this up please?