Building my live setup... and the challenges of doing this!

Hey guys,
I’m feeling that thanks to osc/pilot i can try again to make my old dream come true, ie building an electronic live setup.

This time I hope I won’t loose years trying to make things work to throw the project away, and maybe some of you could help me to simplify some overcomplicated part by cutting short some of my absurds ideas lol

1st rule: I’m trying to get heavy hitting processing out of the computer, using ableton just as playback and live looper, hence the use of some hardwares…
I dont want to bring instability from overheating cpu etc…

2nd rule: controlling the whole setup, or maximum of the setup via osc/pilot

The format, gears and instruments would look like this (I will work with a friend on this, we would be a duo):

  • UAD Apollo 8x to mix and handle on the fly Live singing, guitar and percussion with the dsps, plus managing the whole mix and masterbuss via the uad internal console. The uad console seems to be controlable by midi (and so by osc/pilot) via this software:

  • A touchscreen with osc/pilot to control the whole setup via midi

  • Elektron model:cycle to sequence on the fly some things (btw would it be possible to create a page in osc/pilot to replicate the machine on screen?)

  • Roland VT4 to put some live sound design on my vocals (would it be possible to control its preset and tweak is parameters via osc/pilot?)

  • Inserting an Hologram Mikrokosm pedal into the UAD to glitch stuff on the fly, same question as for the VT4, is it controlable via osc/pilot?

  • Ableton for recording on the fly and do live looping, plus playing back tracks stems, with possibly some fxs for live tweaking (any ideas of classic useful live fx racks guys? I remember some rack like this from Ill Gates or some other guys, and things like “fade to grey” etc…)

  • maybe a Kaos for other live fx? same as vt4, controllable via osc/pilot?

  • maybe better to use a Roland live looper pedal controled via midi than looping in ableton? Controllable via Osc/pilot?

  • Sending and receiving sounds from my band mate who’s a killer DJ/scratcher/controllerist working on Serato
    => problem: I can’t seems to find a way to record external audio into his serato so for example he would be able to sample my singing live then scratch it on the fly… any idea?

Do you think that I would need some kind of midi interface to avoid problems while controlling all this gears? What should I buy?

Thanks for your interest and help guys!