Best computer specs for a pain free live show

Hey guys!
Super happy to see this project coming alive, I tried to create a live 5 years ago with emulator but failed… and I want to try again using this gem from Joel!

Only thing is I’m curently on a Macbook pro 16 inch full spec, great but apparently this needs a PC…

Hence my question: What is the best PC possible to avoid crash and work on a heavy project with some live looping audio (singing) and midi controlers triggering VSTi, mixing etc… without crashing the whole thing?

Is it rock solid yet btw?

Thanks for your help guys!

(And as a bonus here a picture of a friend and I reharsing the show that never want out of my studio on Emulator, Kitara plus singing, 5 years ago… hope the new project will work this time!!)

Hey, thanks for your interest!
How powerful the PC is isn’t really going to affect if it crashes or not. It’ll effect if the audio can keep up or if the UI in OSC/PILOT is responsive though.
I’m the only one developing it and I try to be deliberate with my changes, so hopefully it’s super stable. Haven’t had that many crash reports so far happily!

I’m certainly impressed with the speed of the Surface Studio 2, which is what I used to develop OSC/PILOT on. I have no idea how it works for audio control though. That’s often done on a separate machine just to keep processes separate.

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Ok I get it thanks for your answer!
So maybe a good idea would be controlling external hardware sampler and synth, and only have the midi managed by the Ableton+controle surface combo, right?

So the question would become what’s the best specs for a computer + touch screen to support sending midi and managing the OSC/PILOT?

As far as real life exemple, does Joël use OSC/PILOT to control audio from ableton ? Or is he only controlling hardware gears via midi?

Maybe a combo of vocal treatment and mixing from an UAD soundcard, plus hardware samplers like the little 1010 Blackbox controlled via midi could do the trick… just thinking out loud…

Yep, Joel uses OSC/PILOT to control audio in Ableton.
The specs on the computer for OSC/PILOT doesn’t matter too much, as it’s a relatively lightweight app. The main question is what kind of touchscreen do you want, that should be the driving decision based on your needs and budget.

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ok cool to know he’s controlling audio and not only midi… for the touchscreen i will try with my old touchscreen using pq labs 6 touchs touchscreen, plus I will probably just buy a laptop pc including touchscreen for lighter setup, but I have no idea what are the cool ones to get… If you have any ideas I’ll take them!!

Well it’s controlling OSC and MIDI. The MIDI is sent to Ableton to control that, which resides on another machine. The only one I’ve used is the Surface Studio 2, which I personally really like. But again it just totally depends on your needs.

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Thank you, I’ve just checked it, seems great but 4/5k$ is 4 times the price i was going to put on a pc for shows… anyway thanks for the infos, I’ll look at the specs there to begin with :wink:

Or maybe I could use ableton on my macbook pro and receive midi infos from network from pc running just OSC/pilot (which would need very little cpu and cost way less)?
What do you think about this? would it works?

Yep, that would definitely work. You can use rtpMIDI to communicate between the machines.

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Ok perfect thanks! I’ll find a cheap but powerful enough little pc to drive my touchscreen and send midi data to my macbook pro