CPU overload problem

This software is exactly what I have been hoping for to use live, so I could jettison my bcr2000 and launchpad on stage. Unfortunately, given that my setup is already fairly CPU intensive, it seems like this pushes me over the top with my current laptop. I am wondering if there are any settings that can lessen the CPU load? Many thanks.

Thanks for the feedback! Can you give more details about your system specs? CPU and GPU?

Thanks for the response!

I am running an i7 2.8ghz (up to 3.4 I think), 16mb ram with. unit has a decent dedicated graphics card (nVidia…can’t remeber exact name or specs as I have the computer “decide” whether to use it or another card with performance as the criteria and I know nothing about graphics cards really).

I think it has to do with the fact that I am working on bitwig (which seems to run a little hot) and especially because I am using numerous vst’s as well as samples in all my tunes. It is sort of an jazztronica set, and I use linnstrument as my instrument/ main controller. It’s probably just that I am trying to much. I may try it with reaper instead of bitwig, because I think it’s lighter on the cpu. I might just have to wait until my next computer!

I just thought I would ask in case there was any setting that might bring down the cpu load. But I am understandably asking a lot or my laptop as it is.

thanks again