Help please: OSC-Pilot CPU/GPU Performance on Win11

Hi, i m using a Dell XPS 9710 with an i7 11800h, 3060rtx, 32GB RAM.
Aside from the main Laptopmonitor there are two other external FullHD Touchmonitors.
Sadly, opening a Window-Instance of OSC Pilot is decreasing system performance,
due to Windows-internal Services, which cannot be deactivated / manipulated to draw less CPU/GPU.
(see screenshot: “Desktop window manager”, which is dwm.exe in system32 folder,
and “Windows Driver Foundation” which is “WUDFHost.exe”. Sadly both only use the internal GPU which can even overload the GPU when too much is going on. And they add a significant amount of CPU.

Is there any hope that this is improvable? Thanks alot for help !

Got the latest nvidia drivers btw. And Win 11 Pro, Build 22H2

Below you can see: having 3 Monitors with a)Ableton, b)OSCPilot, c) OSCpilot open draws 100% GPU of the internal gpu. Since the most GPU is used by NON-OSCPilot tasks, i d like to know if there’s a chance of improving this situation…

The weirdest thing is: when i force OSC Pilot to run on the RTX3060, the graphics situation gets better (60% internal graphic load, 20% nvidia), but i have 4-5% additional CPU value…
Any sort of performance tips are greatly appreciated.

Let me break it down to the following question:
Is it normal for two instances of OSC/Pilot to need 20% CPU (running it on 2nd and 3rd Monitor), as can be seen in the screenshot below?
What can be done to improve performance?

The numbers that I can impact are the ones on the OSCpilot.exe line themselves, which seem pretty reasonable. After that, it’s all about windows and the drivers. How they are handling moving images between GPUs (since your monitor is connected to GPU X, but the app may be running on GPU Y).
Does your system have any bloatware/overlays on it? These are the types of things I’d expect to potentially add to the driver management requirements.

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Thanks for the answer. I d love to hear if you have similar behavior in the task manager, when you have 2 or 3 Monitors, and 1 or 2 OSC instances open, do those 2 Windows tasks also draw CPU/GPU, much more than OSC? I tried my best to not have any bloatware on my system /and no unnecessary background tasks running.

My radical solution for now is: running OSC Pilot on my old PC, and connect it via Midi cable to my new PC. It’s ok-ish (downside being nasty fan noise of my old system and Power consumption, haha).