RESOLVED: Problem opening the program


So I’m having a little trouble opening the software. I should mention first - since there is no Mac version yet, I’ve resorted to installing it on a Parallels VM running Windows 10, so I’m not sure if the issue I’m having is related to that (probably is).

In any case, when I try to run the program, I get an error message “Failed to compile a shader”. It then says to email the crash report file “OSCpilot-0.96.dmp” to support, but I can’t even find the file - a file system search turns up nothing…

Any ideas?

OSC/PILOT requires fully functional OpenGL 3.3, so I don’t think it’ll run on paralells, sorry.

Damn…I guess I’ll just have to wait for a Mac version. Thanks!

I had a similar issue trying to open it in Parallels. The only way I’ve gotten it running on a Mac is to dual-boot into Windows using bootcamp.