Failed to load .plt

Getting a failed to load project file error in 0.99.1.

Happened after I tried to boot into show mode

I’ve tried opening a copy of the file in 0.98, and re installing OSCPilot/clearing the User preferences in /Appdata/Local/OSCPilot.

Show file seems to be effectively corrupted

I am using the OSC loopback feature on some buttons to change workspaces.

Show file is 13MB so too big too attach/Don’t want to publicly release it as I am working on projects under NDA. How can I send you the .plt to look at?

Sorry you are having this issue, you can send me the .plt to I should be able to revive it ASAP for you.

Email sent, thanks.

And thanks for making a great product, this is the first issue I have had with it in maybe 100 hours of working OSCPilot