File Corrupted On Save

Hey - I went to save like I usually do and the program crashed, and now my plt file is no longer opening with Pilot. Is there any way for to retrieve or repair a .plt? I was on a windows machine running1.8.8. Thanks


Sorry you ran into this issue. I’ll Take a look at your file to see if I can recover it for you

Thanks, I realize looking at the file that the size is really small for most pilot mapping’s that have lots of graphics embedded in the document. Entirely possible some of the coding may have made it out OK, but no worries. I wait a day, then I dove right in and rebuilt it, and now it looks better, and uses some of the newer features that you’ve added which, thank you for accommodating feature requests!

Ok thanks, sorry for the delay in looking at it. I would suggest you upgrade to the newer version though, as there are bug fixes in there.