Palette Overlay Issue

I have a big palette and when it get bigger then say 16 it starts to lay itself over the palette button itself and I can’t get it to close. It also stops me from interaction with the widget properties box. the only fix I have found is to restart and not open the palette.

Restart actually did not fix the issue and corrupted my software somehow. I have tried uninstalling and deleting all the old files and reinstalling the new .exe and now when I try to start the software nothing happens. I got a few seconds of hourglass and then nothing opens. If I Ctrl Alt Del the software is not running.

Screenshot 2021-03-15 183843

This seems to be my issue. Any help would be appreciated. Reinstalling the EXE apparently does not fix the issue.

So I deleted everything Pilot related and reinstalled a few different version. 1.3.3 and 1.4.2 worked good for me but once I tried 1.4.6 I couldn’t get the software to open.

Ya that’s a known issue with the palette if it gets too large. The fact interaction doesn’t work well.
However the problems you had after are strange and something else. I assume it was somehow still running when you were trying to re-install it.
Can you send me your .plt file (private message is fine if you don’t want to post it). Wondering if something is happening with the amount of palette entries that is corrupting memory.

I think your correct in that it was still running when I tried to reinstall.

Are you still on the old build or did you try 1.4.6 again?

I just fixed an issue that caused the main window to fail to open, which was introduced in Pre-Release 1.4.6. 1.4.7 has the fix.