Searching for a good laptop to run oscPilot+multiple axoloti editors

so I want to be able to take my setup outside to the park instead of spending yet another summer in-home… thus I’m searching for a good laptop that’s able to run oscPilot as well as running several instances of the “axoloti circuitboard” 's editor and touchDesigner.
Thing is, I never had a laptop, so I don’t really know how they compare to my desktop computer…
Currently I have an ASUS intel i7 3770 3.4GHz desktop computer running windows 7, which does the job perfectly, but I don’t know how that would compare to the current laptops…

So, could anyone advice me on which laptop would fit my needs/minimum requirements/searching terms to help me searching the internet?

some necessary requirements:

-windows 7 or higher (no mac, due to other used programs)

-at least 2 high-speed usb ports with enough power-output. ( I want to use an external mouse and I’m connecting up to 8 axoloti circuitboards through a usb-powered hub that, together, can send quite a lot of data and use quite some energy when not externally powered. Though for the axoloti boards themselves I have the option to externally power them in case I’m going to use all of them together. )

-of course, a multi-touch touch-screen, otherwise it would be a bit pointless with oscPilot haha

-a good battery, so I can go on for 8+ hours. The axoloti’s can go on for 48+ hours on my powerbank, so I need something that can come along with them to some extend. One goal is to have a self-generating live-set with minimalistic controls for the public that can go on for an entire night.

-not too big and heavy… I also need to carry other stuff, so 15" would be the max for me.