Mini PC Recommendation

Hi, can anyone recommend a cheapish good mini pc for the sole dedicated use of osc pilot. Will be using probably with a dell p2418ht touchscreen monitor. will be used mainly for building a template for cubase control as well as vepro for film composing rig. Cant seem to find any minimum computer specs for oscpilot on the website (apart from i know it needs windows 10) Thanks.

Lattepanda should absolutely do the trick! Small enough to be strapped on to the monitor stand :slight_smile:

I bought the 864 that comes with 64gb HDD and an activated version of Windows 10 Pro. But there are two m.2 slots, so you can use any m.2 HDD and buy the windows license yourself. Much better performance!

Thanks erikit, Ill check it out :slight_smile:

i’ve been testing on a Pipo X8 pro via Aliexpress. It works quite well but the screen size and resolution is a bit fiddly. In hindsight the X10 pro would have been better. It can drive a 4k external monitor but not at gaming rates :grin:
Nice thing is obviously the built in touchscreen.

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