Will my hypothetical set up work?

Hello. So I discovered OSC/Pilot and saw that video of Deadmau5 demoing the layout of it on his massive touchscreen monitor which people were saying was a surface studio? Anyhow I pretty much want to do the exact same thing as that but I have a Mac Mini with Ableton 11 and the OSC/Pilot trial already downloaded onto the Mini, and I want to run a Viewsonic TD2423D 24 inch touchscreen monitor through it to use with OSC/Pilot. Very recently Viewsonic made drivers to where Mac devices can work with them, as I had read that pretty much all touchscreen monitors did not work with Mac besides IPads obviously. Would this set up work? Thanks. I also got that other driver (forget the name) that you have to get if you’re not running an all in one touchscreen monitor/computer. Also if anyone knows of any other Mac compatible touchscreen devices then that would be great too.

The macOS operating system does not offer any way to get multi-touch events. I assume the viewsonic is using some custom drivers, or its single touch only. So unfortunately it won’t work. If you want multi-touch you need to use the iPad or run on Windows.

Ok thank you. Would you possibly have any recommendations or knowledge about powerful all in one touchscreen desktops that can run Osc pilot and ableton at the same time?