New Features! PLEASE!

Hello to everyone at OSC/PILOT.
I have to admit that this product is extremely help full when I create different layouts for different projects, and I love it alone just for that fact. I know it’s extremely complicated making software with time and resources. But I would like see this product go beyond its capability. I work in Different DAW’s, and Bitwig has this MPE Keyboard screen feel. I would love to see MPE functions inside OSC/PILOT.
Anyway, nothing but love and keep creating!

Agree. It seems like a side project which could be abandonware anytime soon.
If this project is not actively developed then what is the point of spending money and time to implement it in your setup.

Its the only control surface app with a ndi widget ( which is a great feature ) but its also the only one that does not support vertical gesture control for encoders.

Which is simply the only usuable way to control a touch encoder ( according to 99.999% of all touch based apps, synths, daws that have rotary encoders )

Drawing arc shapes on a touch screen to control a value from 0 to 127 is not the equavalent of turning a physical knob from left to right.

Vertical and horizontal gesture support for controlling a encoder should not even be a user request.

Hey, thanks for your feedback. It certainly is a side-project, but I expect it to continue to be updated as long as Joel keeps using it for his shows. I’m just doing in my spare time, so there isn’t a big company or funding behind this product. The goal is to get the tool that Joel uses for his shows out to other users.