Ghost of Features Past, Present, and Future

Not yet a user as I do not yet have a touchscreen Windows machine at my disposal.
But as one of the rare fans who is equally enthusiastic about the technical side of shows as the music itself—I was wondering if there could be some examples/explanations of previous use cases. Particularly Joel’s OSC/PILOT use cases: From the Big-Effing-TouchScreen that was used in 2014 to the current 4Deck ‘controller.’ What did all the buttons, faders, and knobs do? What do the 64 “F1” buttons do? What happened to the 3D Cube widget? Of course we don’t have the music stems but I think that a technical/detail-oriented example and maybe some downloads of the only(?) beta-tester’s setups would be beneficial for current and future users to more-masterfully use the software.