Show Value in sliders only shows 0-1

The show value option for the faders is always constrained between 0-1. Can this value be mapped to whatever the “MAX VALUE” is set for the OSC out? I am piping DMX values that are 0-255 over OSC into OSC/Pilot. If I have a button programmed to display the OSC input value, it works great. But if I pipe it into a fader, the fader responds perfectly, but the “show value” is mapped to 0-1. If I send 127, the value shown is 0.50.

Not a critical bug, but may be useful.

What’s tricky about this is that if someone is working primarily in MIDI they may want the MIDI value to be shown instead, by leaving it at 0-1 it works for all cases and ranges. It’s reporting the state of the widget rather than external communication states. I’ll consider it though ofcourse going forward.