RESOLVED: Using Buttons to Set Fader Levels

OK so I’m using touch OSC in the lighting world and I’m trying to have it mimic the way a lighting console works in the sense that nearly every fader has a button below it that puts that fader at full or zero or whatever. What I’m wondering is there a way using the OSC loopback to tell a specific fader what value to go to.

For example. I have a fader and a button below it. When the button is pressed it sends a MIDI note to the console and also an OSC Message using loopback that tells the fader above it to go to 100%. And then back to zero when it is unpressed.

Somewhat connected to this is there way to tell a fader to go to its "Return to " value via an OSC message? In future releases can the return to level be set via integer instead of slider for accuracy.

You’ll want to set the button to send to the OSC Address of the fader and turn on OSC loopback. Then the fader will jump to the On value when you press the button and jump to the Off value when you release it.

I couldn’t get it to work. I assume you name the OSC Address in the top field under SLIDER. Can you give me a syntax example? Im unclear how the slash works in the syntax.

In the OSC ADDRESS field for both the Slider and the Button, you put the same thing. It can be whatever you want, so /SomeAddress/OtherStuff, or anything. Just put the same text in both. Then turn on OSC Loopback in the Button, and it’ll set the Slider to whatever it’s On and Off value is when it’s pressed and released.

This works but when the button is depressed the fader goes back to its previous position. It doesn’t stay at the level the button sets.

If you don’t want the value to snap back when it’s released, clear out the Off value for OSC. Then it won’t send an Off message.