Yamaha DM3 OSC control

Hi all,

I´m a total beginner with OSC so please be patient.

I have tried to apply OSC control between OSC Pilot and Yamaha DM3 audio console. Yamaha has a OSC tutorial (for Qlab) and I have tried to understand the OSC command line. When I copy the example command and add it to slider OCS Address it doesn´t do anything:

/yosc:req/set/MIXER:Current/InCh/Fader/Level/1/1 -32768

Network should be ok since I can ping DM3´s IP.
Any tips or links for suitable tutorials?


Yamaha tutorial: https://jp.yamaha.com/files/download/other_assets/2/2063222/DM3_osc_specs_v100_en.pdf